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User Sam

Sam: Experience with the Cochlear Implant

Patient story

Sam is a bilateral cochlear implant user from Kochi. Read how he started his hearing journey as an adult.

Sam’s hearing progressively deteriorated in his teenage years, and he started wearing hearing aids. After some years, however, he did not derive enough benefit from them and stopped using them altogether for five years. 

After five years of relying on lip-reading, Sam realized that his hearing was too poor for his professional life. After extensive research, he decided to get a cochlear implant. 


Telephone replaces lip-reading

Life as a cochlear implant user has become much easier for Sam. He enjoys communicating with his family, friends and colleagues and loves hearing sounds he has not heard for many years.  

Sam worked on his hearing performance by listening to videos, TED talks and familiar songs. With rehabilitation and listening training he succeeded in using the telephone again.  

“Be aware that implantation is just the beginning of your hearing journey. Rehabilitation is an equally important key to success.” 


Get in touch with Sam

Sam is so enthusiastic about his cochlear implant that he became a Hearpeers Mentor. In this role, he is happy to answer questions CI candidates may have and supports them on their hearing journey. If a patient of yours qualifies for a cochlear implant and is unsure about going forward with implantation, they can get in touch with Sam through the Hearpeers website 

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