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Electrical-Acoustic Stimulation (EAS) for

Partial hearing loss/treble drop

  • Severe to profound sensorineural hearing lossunilateral, bilateral
  • Hearing thresholds 65 dB over all frequencies for air and bone conduction - see diagram
  • Intact, functioning auditory nerve
  • If necessary, prior use of an optimally fitted hearing aid
  • Little or no benefit from acoustic amplification
  • Realistic expectationsreadiness for rehabilitation
  • Progressive hearing loss
  • Malformation or blockage in the cochlea
  • Otosclerosis, ossification or similar contraindication in outer ear

The key features of the Synchrony 2 for EAS are

key-featureSpecial atraumatic electrode carrier for partial insertion to preserve residual hearing
key-featureMRI approval for 1.5 and 3 Tesla scanners* without surgery**
key-featureExtremely high product reliability and safety for your patients
key-featureImproved communication, including on the phone
key-featureBetter speech understanding in noise
key-featureNatural sound quality

Sonnet 2 EAS Audio Processor

key-featureAutomatic settings adjustment to listening environment
key-featureNoise reduction
key-featureLightweight and easy to carry
key-featureDirectional microphones
key-featureStreaming options
key-featureSplashproof or waterproof with protective cover

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