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BONEBRIDGE Bone conduction implant

Conditions of the outer or middle ear with conductive or mixed hearing loss

  • Conductive or mixed hearing loss
  • Atresia
  • Unilateral, bilateral
  • Bone conduction thresholds: ≤ 45 dB at 500 - 4000 Hz - see red area in chart
  • Anatomy allowing the placement of the implant
  • No retrocochlear or central hearing disorders
  • Realistic expectations
  • Minimum age: 5 years

Key features of the BONEBRIDGE bone conduction implant system

key-featureTranscutaneous transmission leaves skin intact
key-featureNo acoustic feedback
key-featureNo permanent wound, low risk for skin infections
key-featureNatural sound and directional hearing
key-featureShallow, flexible implant placement in the temporal bone
key-featureStable audiological results independent of outer or middle ear condition
key-featureFree ear canal leads to better ventilation and mimized infection risk
key-featureMRI conditional at 1.5 Tesla* without magnet removal**

SAMBA 2 2 audio processor

key-featureComfortable and discreet to wear without additional fixation
key-feature8-10 days of battery life
key-featureEasy to use
key-featureStreaming options
key-featureSplash-proof or waterproof with cover

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